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A compilation of projects on Gender Equality in Academia and Research and their relevant updates gathered automatically.

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Virtual material - Structures and stakeholders for GEP implementation
Website URL Address: https://gender-spear.eu/e-learning/virtual-materials/chapter/9/structures-and-st…Type of resource: Toolkit, manual, guidebook Keywords: GEPs, gender policy implementationMedia Type: Audiovisual (multimedia, videos, mp3, podcasts, etc.)Weekly Energy: 98Language(s): EnglishAbout (English version):  What does GEP implementation mean? Successful implementation of GEP measures requires thorough reflection on relevant structures and stakeholders. In this virtual material we discuss: the university as an organisation impact of New Public Management on different levels in academia actor-centered institutionalism (Mayntz and Scharft 1995) to explain …
Successful GEP implementation depends on national frameworks: institutional engagement alone is not enough. TARGET-GEECCO policy brief
TARGET and GEECCO have issued a policy brief in September 2021. It is based on the experiences of both projects supporting the development and implementation of Gender Equality Plans in research funding organisations and research performing organisations (a total of 12 institutions in 11 countries). The brief reflects on what have been the main facilitating […]
Towards violence-free research organisations: interview with Anne Laure Humbert, UniSAFE project
Anne Laure Humbert, Oxford Brookes Business School, interviewed by Paola Carboni, University of Cagliari Gender-based violence affects many organisations, with Universities and research organisations making no exception, but despite the scale of the issue, gender-based violence in research organisations is deeply under-reported and under-researched. The UniSAFE H2020 project is conducting the first large-scale study on The post Towards violence-free research organisations: …
Unconscious bias in research funding: a new webinar for RFOs on December 16th. Register now!
How research funding organisations can intervene to avoid unconscious biases in their work? A new webinar designed for RFOs will take place on Dec, 16th h. 11-12:30 CET. The first speaker, Maxime Forest (Science Po, SUPERA Monitoring and Evaluation partner), will explain the different aspects of RFOs’ work where unconscious bias may slip in and The post Unconscious bias in research funding: a …
SAVE THE DATE! On March 25th 2022 the SUPERA Final Conference: see you in Madrid & online
Time to save an important date on your calendars! On Friday, 25th March 2022 (h. 9:30-16:30 CET) the SUPERA final conference will take place. The sustainability of institutional change for gender equality will be the core topic of the day: we will discuss inspiring experiences and insights with a selection of speakers soon The post SAVE THE DATE! On March 25th …
Gender equality in R&I ecosystems: engaging external actors in institutional change processes
By Maria Sangiuliano (Research Director and CEO at Smart Venice, CALIPER scientific coordinator) In recent years ERA policies on gender equality in research have expanded their scope to cover innovation at large. This is reflected in several policy documents, and responds to an overarching emphasis on bridging academic research with society and the The post Gender equality in R&I ecosystems: engaging …

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