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A compilation of projects on Gender Equality in Academia and Research and their relevant updates gathered automatically.

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What comes next? Sustainability of structural change for gender equality after SUPERA
By María Bustelo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and SUPERA Coordinator SUPERA is finally coming to an end after four years of being working together. It seems quite far away now those days in early June of 2018 of the kick-off meeting. As I said in the opening of our Final Conference in Madrid The post What comes next? Sustainability of structural …
Inspiring gender equality: the new institutional videos are online!
By Valentina Citati and Paola Carboni, University of Cagliari After a huge collective selection and editing effort, the SUPERA Consortium identified some of the most inspiring practices developed during the 4 years of our project, and  collected them in a new institutional video, together with selected highlights of the values and methodology that The post Inspiring gender equality: the new institutional …
Inspiring GE: videos presenting H2020 SUPERA inspiring practices
Website URL Address: https://www.youtube.com/watchType of resource: Publicity material Keywords: video, inspiring practices, Gender in H2020, Research funding, evaluation, stakeholders engagement, institutional change, monitoring, capacity buildingMedia Type: Audiovisual (multimedia, videos, mp3, podcasts, etc.)Gender and Science taxonomy: Institutional practices and processesPolicy setting & implementationIntegration & mainstreaming of gender expertiseGeographic provenance: EuropeCOP: Facilitation, coordination, leadershipKnowledge co-creation (creativity, innovation)Shared repertoire (tools, stories, products)Language(s): EnglishScientific discipline: None specifically / allAbout (English version):  #InspiringGE is the name …
Promoting work-life balance in companies
On Thursday 10th March 2022 the GSDFPGE organized the Equality Label award ceremony for enterprises in Greece, as  the closing event of the 2-year project coordinated by the agency, entitled “SHARE – Promoting work-life balance in companies and a better sharing of care between men and women”. Through the Equality Label process (at a pilot phase via this project), … Continue reading "Promoting work-life …
Feminist project management in Covid-19 crisis
By Paula de Dios Ruiz, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and SUPERA project manager One of the main challenges of the SUPERA project has been grappling with Covid-19 crisis. At the beginning of the project, we were planning to implement several activities with the conviction that face to face discussions were crucial to change mindsets The post Feminist project management in Covid-19 …
Mutual learning & exchange between RFOs to foster institutional change: webinar recording available
Date: Thursday, 21 April 2022 at 10.00 – 11.30 Central European Summer Time.   This webinar will take the format of a facilitated exchange between less advanced and advanced organisations, where the first will pose questions related to setting up and implementing a GEP (e.g. how to start, how to set up a The post Mutual learning & exchange between RFOs …

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