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Data Monitoring in Gender Equality Work
Data Monitoring in Gender Equality Work Data Monitoring in Gender Equality Work

According to the UN, „data monitoring is an ongoing process by which stakeholders obtain regular feedback on the progress being made toward achieving their goals and objectives“. It is a continuous endeavour, requiring constant data collection and feedback. The main purpose is to enable the learning process and informed reflection, which is the very heart of SPEAR’s CoL and CoP sessions.

Data is empirical evidence suggesting clearly where and how an institution needs to change the approach to accomplish the goals. Also, any deviation might be highlighted through data monitoring, with the possibility to adopt novel measures along the process. This methodology proved to be useful for the monitoring and subsequent evaluation of Gender Equality Plans’ implementation and degree of success in RPOs.

Florian Holzinger, from Johanneum Research, will walk you through the main steps of data monitoring applied to the gender equality sphere, interviewed by Christine Steffens from RWTH Aachen University.

The following publications and tools are mentioned during the podcast: