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We will be supporting the implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs). SPEAR offers supportive structures comprised in its interconnected Community of Learning (CoL) and Community of Practice (CoP). CoL will provide learning platforms while CoP provides an arena for experience exchanges. Both these are crucial to successful and sustainable implementation of GEPs, a key instrument to improving gender equality.

SPEAR’s central objective is to implement GEPs in its nine implementing RPOs. Based on a step-by-step guide to GEP implementation devised by the European Institute for Gender Equality, SPEAR follows a distinct methodological path committed to creative, open, mitigating, processual, accountable, SMART and sustainable changes (SPEAR’s COMPASS).

CoL Planned Training/Learning activities Where relevant experts Asymmetrical relation

SIPs metabolize input and takeaways from CoP and transform into learning material for upcoming CoL-sessions

CoP Emergent Reflections/exchange b/tw peers (no experts) Symmetrical relation SIP/IP

IPs metabolize learnings and takeaways from CoL and transform into actions at home

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