The first-ever International Equal Pay Day!

Today, the 18th of September is the first ever-international Equal Pay Day! This day represents the efforts towards the achievement of equal pay for work of equal value and it ensures that none is left behind.


Among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gender equality and women empowerment is number 5, addressing particularly the right of women to work under decent conditions and receive fair wages for the same work they perform like their male counterparts. .

Despite global endorsements and the great support for gender equality and equal pay, in practice, the progress has been slow, and the gap remained wide.

So… where do we stand at the global level?

According to statistics, the gender pay gap is estimated at 23% globally. OECD data also reflect the earnings gap between men and women, with an average of 13%.



To bridge those wage discrepancies, we, individually as well as the global actor must play a part. The Equal Pay Coalition was founded by the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation and the OECD. It aims to achieve equal and fair pay for men and women everywhere t regional, national, and global level by 2030.

This goal sounds challenging, but we will not be able to reach it and reduce the gap without new policies and tools.

In response to this challenge, the Equal Pay Coalition suggests a set of key measures to maximise the impact and involvement of all parties:

  1. Equal pay laws
  2. Pay transparency
  3. Self-assessment tools and gender-neutral job evaluations methods
  4. Equal pay certifications
  5. Minimum wage policies and collective bargaining

Let’s build an equal world

In an equal world, all have equal opportunities and rights. To honour this day, the UN Women created the beautiful iconic capital, named Equiterra – a utopia, but if we all work together, we can make it happen!

Join the global online campaign and let’s all demand equal pay.

Use the hashtags #EqualPayDay #equalpay #GenerationEquality