Gender equality in CEE countries: Policies and practices 2020 Institutional change through implementation of GEPs at the RPOs and RFOs in the CEE countries

Gender equality is considered one of the main priorities in the European Union (EU) countries for strengthening the European Research Area (ERA). 

In this context, research funding organizations (RFOs) and research implementing organizations (RPOs) have been invited to initiate institutional change through implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in accordance with the targeted calls for international projects under the EC HORIZON2020 SWAF work programs.

As a result of numerous completed and ongoing projects, positive changes have been observed, however, “efforts are still needed to achieve ERA priorities” (EC 2019). Moreover, Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries rather rarely appear among the H2020 projects partners. This may be one of reasons lurking behind „slow and uneven progress” of gender equality goals in ERA (EC 2019).

Therefore, sustaining the EU level ambitions and, at the same time, addressing the situation exclusively in the CEE countries, the conference aims to bring together both promoters and implementers of the GEPs focused H2020 projects and researchers exploring gender as institutionally defined social construct in science for:

1. discussing the most recent results of research on gender in different cultural, political, economic, and other contexts which provide background for gender equality policies in CEE countries and wider, and sharing ideas, obstacles and possible solutions prevailing in this field of knowledge and practice.

2. sharing experience and celebrating achievements of institutional change focused activities in CEE activities in CEE RFOs and RPOs striving to ensure excellence in science and innovation through the strengthening of gender equality.

3. establishing and strengthening inter-institutional relations between gender (equality) and institutional change in research organizations exploring researchers, gender equality promoting administrators of RFOs and RPOs, and gender equality endorsing science policy-makers in CEE countries.

4. encouraging public debate by highlighting today’s gender equality issues and challenges and striving to initiate reasonable solutions.

Join this hybrid conference by either giving oral online or in situ presentation at one of the conference sessions or without presentation.

Conference is free, but registration is mandatory. 

You can find more information here regarding the registration process.