Cooperation with sister projects: FESTA workshop for the TARGET project

Capacity Building Meeting in Athens, Friday September 27th 2019.

SPEAR’s coordinators Eva Sophia Myers and Liv Baisner conducted a participatory workshop building on findings and experiences with handling resistance to gender equality initiatives from the FESTA project. 

Eva Sophia Myers and Liv Baisner represented the University of Southern Denmark in the FESTA project, a five-year FP7 funded EU-project, 2012-2017. 

With the FESTA resistance handbook/webtool as their point of departure, a framework for identifying and understanding resistance as well as practical ways to counter and minimize resistance were introduced. 

During the workshop, ways to explore and handle resistance generally and specifically in the TARGET partner’s contexts were applied, along with different approaches to reflect upon and engage with the subject matter.

(Additional info: TARGET participated with 20 people, representing the seven implementing partners, two supporting partners, coordinator and four advisory group members.)