Gender mainstreaming knowledge transfer

Submitted by: Associate Professor Sanja Bojanić, University of Rijeka

Gender mainstreaming knowledge transfer

One of the main activities of the intensive workshop Food Wave/Eating City International Platform 2020-2030, held on the island of Cres in the premises of Moise Palace of the University of Rijeka, focused on gender equality in the agro-tech sector. The aim of the workshop was to explore the dynamics of power and gender and the crucial role of women in the development of sustainable food systems. The role of men in promoting gender equality and the creation of a policy framework for gender equality for food sector professionals across the EU was also a focus.

COMPASS PERSPECTIVE – in what way(s) was the measure C O M P A S S?

C - because the workshop aimed to transcend traditional disciplines in the social sciences and humanities by pursuing the interdisciplinary goal of exploring gender relations in agrotechnology sectors.

O - because it was open to different fields of knowledge, as well as gender and generational differences.

P - because it stimulated action and a new direction in the agro-tech sector.

S - for the SMART objectives 

S - for building and strengthening awareness of gender equality in sectors that have not traditionally paid attention to it.


  • Eating City Platform 
  • Food Wave Consortium of the Horizon2020 Project
  • UNIRI researchers


What would you do the same/differently another time?
What have you learnt? 
Do you see relevance for this in other contexts?

This activity was very fruitful and successful and should be continued. It was an opportunity to transfer knowledge and experience in gender mainstreaming from academia to food sector actors. It was very useful to realise that there are many challenges and areas of intervention that could be jointly addressed in the future (e. g. under-representation of women in leadership positions, visibility of women as key stakeholders, women innovators in rural communities, etc.).