How to use SPEAR’s COMPASS Guide

An important part of your gender equality journey is to set up a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for your institution.
Before you start practising, we suggest getting yourself acquainted with the EIGE GEAR tool which offers
a comprehensive Step-by-Step guide for establishing a Gender Equality Plan.

You can also visit SPEAR’s Virtual Materials on GEP Implementation Steps
to help you kickstart your GEP development process. 

SPEAR's COMPASS Guide is a navigational
and analytical tool in your gender equality journey

SPEAR’s COMPASS Guide will support you at different steps in the GEP development process and
help ensure the quality and sustainability of your
gender equality objectives and measures.

With SPEAR’s COMPASS Guide, you can

Develop new gender equality objectives

Develop new gender equality objectives

If you are eager to start developing your own gender equality objectives
(Step 3: Setting up a Gender Equality Plan) and need a hand navigating through the process, you can use SPEAR’s COMPASS Guide. It will support you in including the seven guiding principles.
Analyse current gender equality measures

Analyse current gender equality measures

Do you already have gender equality measures in place and need some guidance in evaluating them (Step 5: Monitoring progress and evaluating a Gender Equality Plan)? Then go through the Guiding Questions one by one with your team members. You will be able to assess:

  • what went well and why
  • what could be improved and how
  • what may be developed in new and possibly surprising ways 
  • how to set holistic success indicators based on concrete experiences and how to follow up on them.

How to make full use of SPEAR’s COMPASS Guide

Get yourself acquainted with the seven guiding principles by completing the following steps

The Guiding Questions

The Guiding Questions

Good Practice Examples

Good Practice Examples

Practical application

Practical application